Uit is a nice person and a quiet person his car is a Mercedes.

He lives in a medium sized house and he has no parents apparently Uit has been a racer for a very long time and enjoys racing he is equipped with fire tires which comes in handy. He also is equipped with turbo boosters to go even faster.

He doesn't like anything very fancy or a extra touch to it he likes his stuff plain. Unless it is food

Uit always trains with his car to check out it's disadvantages and advantages.


As explained above Uit is a nice person. He is quiet and doesn't really speak unless spoken too.


Uit has brown hair brown eyes and brown eye brows. He also wears plain clothes.

What Made Him Become A RacerEdit

Uit became a racer because he was very intrested in it. He would study cars and go to racing car games when he was little he also would jump off the stadium for a closer look which got him into alot of trouble at times.

Hong Kong

My car